My name is Tim Poholsky and my goal as a photographer is to help support the growth of the Kansas City yoga community. I serve as a collaborative resource to studio owners, teachers and students to create awesome pictures that can be used for marketing purposes, social media, self-branding, or just plain fun.

     As an active member of this community myself, I think the most important by-product of my yoga practice  has been the increased willingness I've developed towards following intuition as a  guide in how to live my life. That's precisely how this site was born. Working as a volunteer a few years ago for Yoga Rocks the Park, I picked up a camera to help document the event.  In the experience of doing that, I felt my soul come alive so I decided to follow that excitement and do more of it.

     Let me show you how much better a picture can look when it's not taken with a cell phone!   Contact me using this form.  Tell me a little bit about the project you have in mind, your proposed budget and any other details you'd like to add.